The Story Behind Love Sac

Love Sac Furniture was originally founded by Chief Sac Shawny D. He was a just out of high school when he came up with the idea to improve on bean bags. He wanted something that was more durable and luxurious so he began to research different options. Eventually he settled on the same material used in couches, except that it would be grinded into smaller pieces.

Once Shawny tested his prototype he set off to make his first sale. Instead of relying on the traditional retail model he decided to take his unique product directly to his target market – young adults. Shawny literally stuffed an old cargo van full of Sacs and traveled across the country to college campuses and concert venues to set up shop.  After realizing his product was a hit he opened his first store in California.

The original Love Sac furniture.

The rest as they say is history. Love Sac now has dozens of stores in shopping malls across the United States and a handful of others abroad. The product line has grown to include “sactionals” and “pillow sacs” which are the Love Sac equivalents to the the sectional and futon. Sales continue to grow each year as this amazing invention is embraced by a new generation of Sac fans.

You can purchase a Sac from your local mall or have one delivered to your door through their ecommerce website. Some say that buying them online is better because you have a wider selection of fabric covers, and the clearance models online are usually the cheapest option. One way to track the latest online coupons and deals is through the fan blog posted at

When it comes to interactive furniture, nothing beats the Love Sac experience. Customers love them for their stunning design appeal and unmatched comfort, but no one can deny that one of the best reasons to get one is to jump on them! Don’t believe me? Search youtube for funny love sac videos and see what kind of antics you’ll find. :)

Backgrounds for Online Business

Did you ever wonder how some of your favorite websites got started? Many of you have heard the story of and how it all began in a college dorm room, but what about some of the lesser know companies you see online?

Examining how some sites made their money.There is a background tale behind every site on the internet our plan is to feature those we find interesting. Running a profitable online business is not the difficult, and yet only the big websites like amazon and linkedin seem to get coverage from the media.

Sure, not every online venture rakes in millions of dollars per year, but sometimes lower earnings can be pretty attractive to the right person. Imagine adding a few grand per month to your revenue just be creating an online business. Certainly this would be a bonus for you and your family.

These are the background of companies that make money under the radar. The ones you’ll never read about but continue to produce income for their owners. Welcome to